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How to Get Video Marketing “Just Right”

Video: it remains the Internet’s most ubiquitous form of content. It’s everywhere: social media platforms, websites, apps…you name it, it has video within it as long as it’s in the online space. Which makes it entirely unsurprising that it just happens to be one of the best forms of content for marketing your brand – but only if you get it right, which isn’t necessarily the easiest task.

The Problem With Video

Here’s the problem with using video in content marketing campaigns: it’s expensive, and it’s really easy to get it wrong. At best this results in your audience totally ignoring your video content…at worst, you could inject humor or levity into the wrong topic and come across as callous or even offensive.

Even just sharing your video content in the wrong place, or in the wrong way, can result in lost revenue and wasted budget that could be better allocated elsewhere.

It’s Still Worthwhile

Now that we’ve sufficiently convinced you why video is a terrifying media format, let us tell you why that isn’t the full picture. As seemingly scary as it can be to venture into this particular venture, given the potential risks, there are some pretty incredible benefits available to those who get it right.

Virality. Major increases in conversions. More brand awareness than you know what to do with. Not to mention improvements in SEO, customer loyalty, and just about every other aspect of marketing along the way.

So, how do you avoid the pitfalls and get it right?

Let’s dig deep and get right to our three favorite tips.

1. Know Thy Audience



Who are you marketing to? What do they like? If you don’t know your demographic, there is a zero percent chance of creating video content they’ll actually appreciate. Nail down your demographic and try to figure out what they’re paying attention to already; then, experiment and split test until you get it right.

2. Tell a Story, Don’t Sell



People are literally barraged with commercials on sites like YouTube and Facebook every single day, not to mention television, billboards, and big screens. This leads to “sale exhaustion” and they start to tune similar content out. Stand out by telling a story that incorporates your brand, but don’t make your brand the focus.

3. Make the First 10 Seconds Exciting



According to most video marketing statistics, you have about 10 seconds or less to convince your audience to keep watching. Naturally, this means the first 10 seconds of your video need to be really, really attention-grabbing if you want them to keep watching. Otherwise, they will simply venture off to something else.

These three tips will help any business struggling to find their spot in the online sphere with video content, but they’re really just the beginning. For more in-depth support, or to get assistance with creating great video content, call Go Digital WSI.