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Why You Continue to Struggle with Social Selling

Social selling – using social media to find new leads or prospects – has been around for as long as social media. In 2018, it’s used by businesses more often than ever because it has the potential to demonstrate real, actionable, measurable results with just a little bit of effort in the right place. If you’re still struggling with social selling, know that you’re not alone. Despite its simplicity, it can be a tough nut for businesses to crack. We put together a few insider tips to help you make it work.

You’re Using the Wrong Platforms

Working through Facebook? Selling on LinkedIn? Tweeting out your campaign? You may be using the wrong platform for your needs. Not every business is suited to every platform; moreover, not every platform is well-suited to social selling in the first place.

For example, LinkedIn is much better for B2B sales, while Facebook is much better for social selling to people between 25 and 45. Similarly, Instagram is a better option if you’re marketing to under-25s, while Twitter has a larger Hipster community than all of the other sites combined.

Get to know each of the platforms, what they have to offer, and who their average demographic is. Then, try to match the platform you use to the demographic you’re targeting at the same time.

You Don’t Get Involved With the Community

For platforms that utilize groups (Facebook or LinkedIn, for example), getting involved and participating can help you network more effectively. Your goal should be a helpful contributor, not just a seller – jumping into a group and immediately trying to market something before you’re even recognized is bad news. Instead, spend time getting to know people and sharing information.

Once you have a foot in the door, you can begin to explore possibilities for social selling. Just be sure to always keep your “contributor first, seller second” mentality in everything you do. Moreover, if the group rules say no selling, respect that.

You’re Over-Focusing on Sales

As a representative of a business selling a product or service, you are effectively an expert in that industry. You have an immense amount of helpful information to share (hopefully) that others may not necessarily have. You should use this to your advantage to become an “information guru” or subject matter expert in ongoing conversations about your industry, brand, product, or service.

Take a few minutes to search for your most relevant keywords on sites like LinkedIn, Quora, Facebook, Twitter, or even Instagram. What are people asking? What do they want to know? Find areas where you can help, then jump in and provide information free of charge. You’ll build a reputation as a helpful expert, not just as another pushy marketer.

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