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Social Media Tips for Businesses

Nearly everyone uses Facebook personally. Whether we share photos on Instagram or short quips on Twitter, most Americans are adept at navigating social media to connect with friends and family. But business use can be trickier, and doesn’t always follow the same strategies. The best strategies a little bit of personal and business interaction while respecting the need for separation. Here’s how to make the best of what you have!

Personal Page

Your personal social media accounts are ideal for sharing family vacations, your personal goals and successes. On a personal page, you’re likely more relaxed and casual than you are in business situations. You may mention your business and even share a link to your products, but generally, it’s considered a faux pas to spam your friends with business offers.

Business Page

There is a fine balance between business and personal on a social media business page. For example, if you sell outdoor products, that’s a good reason to share photos of your camping trip using your best-selling tent. If you sell gardening supplies, your followers aren’t likely to  be interested in your five-generation family photo with no flowers to be seen.

But there’s a catch: you can mix the two with a little bit of effort. Here’s an example; let’s say you sell gardening supplies, and your business has been in the family for 100 years. A five-generation photo taken in front of your store that mentions your rich family-owned history feels warm and inviting.

Each post you share should have some relation to the business, whether it’s products or customer interaction. Feel free to warm it up and add personal touches, but keep personal drama and over-sharing of personal details away.

Business Page Tips

While your business page is about your business, you want it to be more than a daily sale paper. Focusing only on your products or sales is a fast way to bore your followers.

Share products, low prices, specials, and deals, but make plenty of opportunity for interaction. Toss in the occasional funny and relevant meme or picture (keep it respectful!). Engage your visitors with the occasional giveaway, contest, or competition. Perhaps most importantly, don’t underestimate the value of user-generated content. Ask your followers to post memes related to your business and give a prize for the best one.

Remember: if your business page is nothing more than images of your products with links to click, you’re essentially just a catalog. That’s not engaging! Switch it up often to keep things interesting while continuing to share your product info.

Organic Facebook presence and page cultivation takes time and patience. Most pages don’t start to see a robust following for at least a month or two, and that can be discouraging at first. Don’t give up; a robust Facebook following is worth its weight in gold. Learn more about social media marketing and how to make the most of your business at Go Digital WSI.