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5 Social Media Rules for Business

Social media is an ideal way to promote your business, interact with your customers and increase interest in your brand. But using social media for companies is a much different experience than using it for personal use; thus, it’s important you know the differences and maintain your business social media accounts professionally at all times. Use these five simple rules to succeed at business-world social media strategies.

Valuable Posts

The goal of a business social media account is to provide shareable, useful information to your target audience. Before making a post,  check to see whether it has value for your visitors. Your customers (and potential customers) don’t really need to know what you had for breakfast — unless that breakfast was at a meeting where you were discussing a new product! In this situation, you would be wise to share product ideas or tease about an announcement coming soon and include a picture of your team at the breakfast meeting.

Reply In Person

Have you ever clicked like or follow on a social media business page and received an electronic version of a form letter thanking you and directing you to a website? That’s a sure-fire way to turn off your followers.

Instead, you should reply to your customers directly whenever possible. Sure, it takes a few minutes, but a simple message that includes something about what may have attracted the person to your page is ideal.

Here’s an example: “Thanks for the like! We’ll have more posts coming up about that great purse we are introducing! Do you have any color suggestions?”

That personal touch makes a big difference.


Whether you are reading comments or receiving private messages, it is important for the business to have someone dedicated to responding to messages and comments quickly. After regular hours of operation, comments may get overlooked; this is exactly how public relations nightmares start. Aim to have someone reply to and address issues within 12 hours every day of the week.

Play Nice

Never badmouth your competition on social media, even if you’re extremely upset or they’re badmouthing you. If your business is superior,  it will show without making a direct comparison or resorting to slinging mud. If you do have to respond to drama, it’s best to do so directly. Express your respect (even if it may be difficult to say) for the other party and invite the bad-mouther to contact you privately.

No Spam

While you want to make several posts each day, you don’t want your followers to wind up seeing absolutely nothing but the same group of posts from your business. This comes across as spammy, even if that’s not your intention! If you make valuable posts at optimal times with a limit of one post per three-hour period, you will see much more success than if you post a random update every 15 minutes.


Social media for business can be difficult, but you don’t need to struggle with it alone. Contact Go Digital WSI today and get started on your path to success!