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4 Top Social Media Secrets for 2018

Many companies still see social media as another tool to be used for traditional advertising techniques. While that’s sort of true – you can unabashedly advertise your products through social media, but it isn’t wise – it isn’t the best way to use these platforms. There are more effective ways to expand your outreach and capitalize on the benefits of social media; here’s four of 2018’s top social media secrets.

Live Video

Live streaming one of the hottest social media trends currently out there. Users and content creators alike love the interaction and personality it provides. Your followers feel like they’re a part of the conversation when you’re talking to them. You can be there promoting your message in real time, get instantaneous feedback, and increase your social media presence at the same time. It’s a win-win for everyone.


Building up your social media presence from scratch is time-consuming. You’re not going to get the results you want overnight or even in a few weeks. Your next best option is to talk to social personalities who already have an established following. Getting them on your side is a highly effective and affordable way to get the visibility you want. Work with them and their personality to find optimal ways of reaching their followers.

Ideal Timing

Finding the proper time to post content can mean the difference between 20 percent of your audience seeing it or 70 percent. Additionally, making your posts relevant to current events is a great way to increase your outreach by showing the world you’re listening to them. You don’t need to be absolutely spot-on with your timing; missing your Twitter schedule by five minutes isn’t the end of the world. Just ensure the content you’re posting is reaching who you want when they’re available.


Joining in an existing conversation or starting your own is another method to increase your visibility. Scan the trending hashtags for the ones relevant to your company or social influencers. You can also just pick out a couple of globally trending hashtags and post something there. Don’t be afraid to be a little controversial with your posts. Sparking a discussion is your goal, just don’t go overboard.

Using social media accounts to promote your business is no secret. How to properly utilize them isn’t widely shared, unfortunately, and that can leave businesses feeling as if they’re left out in the cold. We hope these secrets help you get the most out of your next marketing campaign. If you’re interested in increasing your company’s visibility contact Go Digital WSI today.