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Summer Social Media Musts

Summer is one of the most active times of the year for social media. Everyone’s getting out of the house, millennials are out of school for the season, and everyone wants to share their summer journeys.  

Your presence in summertime social media is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss. You need to stand out and earn the respect of potential followers and customers, and these four tips can help you get the attention you desire without losing respect online.

Be In The Know

Social media is all about being there in the moment and saying “I was there for that.” What better time to make your presence known than summer? Warmer weather brings its own set of events and common activities, though they may differ area-to-area.

Ask yourself: where are the trendiest vacation spots? What’s the hottest coffee shop of the week? What is everyone hyped for this summer? Know what’s going on this summer, and then work that into your marketing efforts. Set up a booth, host a sale, take lots of pictures, and convey that over to your business page. Ride the waves of popularity to get your voice heard.

Know Your Demographic’s Needs

Summer trends vary from one demographic to another. There’s at least one summertime event that your target audience is interested in; it’s up to you to identify and use it to your advantage. Research local Facebook groups, national trends, and memes to find out what your market’s following, and then find ways work that into your summer.

Begin by looking at your current customer base. What do you know about them? What’s your competition doing to inspire summer followers? How can you relate your products to the season in a way that they’ll understand and relate to themselves? Use this information to your advantage.

Be Social With Summertime Fun

Social media is social for a reason, and summer is the perfect time to flex that fact. Don’t underrate the pervasive meme of the faceless corporation that doesn’t care about anything but their own profit. Get out there, go live, and have some fun while doing it!

Engage in summer activities. Attend festivals while wearing t-shirts with your business name on them. Give out swag. Hit the beach make an absolute fool of yourself trying to learn to surf — all while staying live. Host beach parties or outdoor events if it fits with your business. Summer is the perfect time to show your personal side.

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