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7 Reasons to Have an SMS Marketing Strategy

SMS (or Short Message Service) is another word for texting. It’s an excellent way to have direct communication with your customers and keep them up to date on your business. You can use this channel to send coupons, reminders, promotions and alerts to customers. Be sure to only send these text messages to people who have agreed to receive them. 

If you aren’t using text message marketing, now is the time to add this tactic to your marketing arsenal. Below you’ll find seven ways that your business can benefit from an SMS marketing strategy

1. High Open Rates 

Text messages are opened at a much higher rate than other advertising options, including email. It’s easy for email messages to get lost in spam folders or fliers to get thrown away. But text messages are instant, and because people are always on their phones, they’re not likely to be ignored. 

2. Cost Effective

Text message marketing is inexpensive. It doesn’t cost much to send text messages to your customers, especially when comparing it to other advertising costs like paid ads. This makes SMS marketing an affordable option for businesses just starting out. 

3. Reach More People 

The majority of people own a cell phone these days, so your customer demographic immediately opens up for text messaging. You can reach almost anyone on their mobile device as opposed to other marketing channels where it’s not certain that your customers are active at the moment. 

4. Encourage Local Sales 

One of the neat things about SMS marketing is that it’s location based. This allows you to target people who are within a certain proximity to your business. By surprising them with a special offer, you can drive more traffic into your store and increase your bottom line. 

5. Fast Delivery 

Going off our last point, being able to send your customers a message in real time is priceless. You can target them at just the right moment to get the response you’re looking for, whether it’s an in-store sale, traffic to your website or comments on a recent article. 

6. Coordinates Other Efforts

SMS marketing complements your other marketing strategies. You can use it alongside social media, email marketing, direct mail, etc. In fact, you can get a better response from your other channels by sending a reminder via text – “Don’t forget to check your email today for a survey.”

7. Engage Your Customers 

Customers should always have the option to opt-in to receiving your messages. This will make you feel more comfortable because you know your customers want to hear from you. It will also make customers more receptive to accepting your messages because they have control over your communications. 

SMS marketing is an affordable, practical way to communicate with your audience and keep them in the loop regarding your business. To learn more about creating an effective text message marketing strategy, contact GO Digital WSI today.