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How to Dominate Your Branded Search in Google

Most shoppers use Google before buying something. A branded search is a navigational search that contains your brand name or your unique product name. Branded searches signal that the prospect already knows about you and is looking for a final reason or incentive to buy from you. So how can you ensure that you’re dominating your branded search in Google? 

Below we share a few tips on dominating your branded search. This is important, as the more results you control, the more influence you have. 

Collect Branded Keywords 

This process is the same as when searching for traditional keywords. Run your brand name and identify possible variations. The easiest way to find branded queries is to use Google Search Console. This tool tells you which branded queries are already sending traffic to your site. Other tools that are worth checking out include Rank Tracker and Finteza

Organize Branded Keywords 

The next step is to organize your keywords in a spreadsheet. The best way to group your information is by placing related queries under one “primary” keyword. Take note of the current rankings for each keyword, whether there’s a featured snippet and the type of search it is – navigational, competitive, high intent. 

Create Content around Your Keywords 

Using your spreadsheet, create articles that support your identified brand queries. You’ll want to consider the type of query when deciding how you will answer it, but in general, here are some tips to follow: 

  • Include convincing calls to action on pages that answer high-intent queries 
  • Add screenshots and other visuals that target navigational queries 
  • Insert comparison charts and special deals on pages that cover competitive queries 

Optimize Your Brand Assets 

The most important branded search results are:

  • Positive or neutral mentions. You’ll want to push these higher.
  • Negative mentions. You’ll want to push these down.
  • Pages that aren’t about you. You don’t have any control over these pages. 

The goal is to optimize the pages you have control over, which are essentially positive mentions. These pages should outrank pages that can give prospects the wrong impression about your products and services. 

Monitor Your Rankings 

Because the Google search results are always changing, it’s important to monitor your rankings. There are different tools to help with this, such as SEMRush. This tool gives you a snapshot of your monitored SERPs so you can see what’s changing. If your efforts are working, you should see your positive assets move up while negative mentions should be pushed down. 

The purpose of dominating your branded searches in Google is to have control over your brand image. When prospects already know about your company or your products and services, they’ll perform a branded search. By dominating these searches, you can control what prospects see. If you need a helping hand with this, contact the SEO experts at Go Digital WSI.