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5 SEO Mistakes that are Hurting Your Website

Are you making SEO mistakes on your website? You could be! SEO is one of those things that you have to be careful with. Most people don’t realize they’re making these mistakes, but unfortunately, Google doesn’t care. If you’re using the wrong techniques, you could be penalized and see a drop in rankings. 

Below are five SEO mistakes that are hurting your website. If you’re dealing with any of them, contact WSI Go Digital and let us help you restore your site with improved SEO

1. Duplicate Content 

Plagiarism is one of the biggest issues that marketers deal with. You might assume that duplicate content is stealing another person’s writing, but most duplicate content comes from URL parameters, canonical tags and session IDs. 

Despite popular belief, there is no penalty for duplicate content. Why? Because it’s nearly impossible to avoid. Nevertheless, you still want to work on these issues so that your site is unique and relevant to your audience and ranks well in the search engines. 

2. Poor Mobile Experience 

Even today, more than 30% of small businesses have websites that are not mobile friendly. However, probably half of traffic, if not more, is accessing your site through mobile devices. Therefore, your site must be optimized for mobile. This is especially important if you have an ecommerce store and sell products online. 

Use Google’s Mobile Friendly Test to determine how your site performs on mobile. Address the issues or contact a web company like WSI Go Digital for advice. Going mobile can be as easy as choosing a responsive template – or it may require a new site design. 

3. Low Word Count 

Web visitors skim pages to get the information they need. They don’t care to sit and read long essays. That said, a low word count is an SEO mistake. Good SEO relies on keywords, and long content gives you more opportunities to use them. Additionally, Google prefers websites that give people all the information they need in one place. 

Although your web pages should be clean and simple, you still need a decent amount of content (around 300-1,000 words depending on the page). Break up your content into sections so that it’s easier to read. Include bullet points and imagery like graphs, charts and illustrations.

4. Poor Image Optimization 

Optimizing your images is an easy opportunity to help your site rank higher in the search engines. Users are using images to help them discover new content, so it’s important that your images are easily searchable. 

To achieve this, make sure you’re choosing the right image format, size and dimensions. You’ll also want to properly name and describe your images, as well as use image alt text. This article offers suggestions on how to optimize your images for SEO. 

5. Broken Links 

Links are important for SEO because there is a direct correlation between the quality and quantity of links to your site and how much traffic your site gets. However, broken links decrease the quality of your site. 

Broken internal links can make for a bad user experience on your website. Broken external links can chase away visitors and lower your rankings. Always choose relevant links from credible sources, as well as internal links that provide users with value. 

SEO can be tricky, but the search engines aren’t forgiving. If you’re worried about making one of these common SEO mistakes, contact GO Digital WSI. We can perform an audit and determine what issues need attention.