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3 Responsive Website Secrets

Having the ability to access a website from a mobile device has done wonders for business visibility. It’s also changed the game when it comes to designing the perfect website. How do you develop your site to appeal to both desktop and mobile users? Here are three secrets to get the most out of responsive website designs.

Keep It Concise

Deliver your message in a short and memorable format to more effectively reach your audience. Many advertisements and web pages fall into the trap of overloading erroneous details onto the viewer. Keeping your on-site content concise and to the point makes it easier for the visitor to remember the important parts. Your visitors don’t have all the time in the world to sift through your content, especially on mobile, so give them what they’re looking for right off the bat.

Optimize Your Content For Multiple Platforms

There’s something to be said for websites with large, intricate banners filled with detail and design nuances. They look great on desktops, but how long will it take to load on a tablet or a phone? Could they even see the whole image on smaller screens?

This isn’t just about pictures; if your front page is filled to the brim with text, forms, and other elements, it’ll bog down any phone that tries to load it. More importantly, your visitors are more likely to skip over the information they’re looking for accidentally. It’s time to rethink your page designs If your website isn’t easy to use on a mobile device, even with a responsive theme.

Contrast Is Key

Having the right lighting and spacing on your website will make it more appealing to mobile users. Brand images need to stand out in the daylight as well as in the office.

Proper color saturation and hue selection is only part of the story. The photos need to be viewable from different angles and lighting conditions, which often means the pictures needs to undergo a rework. Work with whatever brands you’re dealing with to ensure the images abide by guidelines and requirements. It’s a potentially lengthy process to find the perfect design for a mobile viewer, but it’s well worth the effort.

It all comes down to trimming the fat and separating needs from wants when you’re making the most mobile-friendly, responsive website possible. Give your users what they need the moment they load up the page to keep them interested. Make it easy to navigate, easy to load, and most importantly, useful, for the best chance of success.

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