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Is a Responsive Website a Good Investment?


When Google announced last year that more searches were done on mobile than desktop, we knew that we were on the cusp of change. For quite some time before that, it was speculated that more people were doing searches from their smartphones and tablets. But it wasn’t until Google made the announcement that we knew for certain. With mobile search queries overtaking desktop ones, businesses knew they had to create a strong user experience on mobile devices or else they would miss out.

One of the most crucial elements of having a strong mobile presence is a mobile website. A responsive design is the best way to make your website mobile friendly, and it’s what many companies choose to do because it’s dependable, efficient and search engine friendly. But it’s also expensive. How do you know if a responsive website is a good investment for your business?

Here are some things to consider to determine if a responsive website is the right fit for you.

Enhance the User Experience

A website that is not mobile friendly can lead to high bounce rates, negative feedback and a loss of trust. We’re going to go out on a limb here and assume that you can’t afford to lose business like that. Thankfully, a responsive website takes care of the mobile experience for your users. Responsive web pages automatically adjust to whatever device the user is on, giving them a consistent experience across devices.

Save Time and Money

A responsive web design is an investment on the front end, but it’s one that is worth making. Almost everyone owns some type of mobile device, so you can’t exclude your mobile audience. You would be excluding a large chunk of your customers! Responsive websites are cost- and time-efficient because they cut down on the the maintenance of two sites.

Surpass Your Competition

Your competitors aren’t ignoring the importance of having a mobile website. Neither should you. By having a responsive web design, you’re giving users what they expect from your company and keeping yourself in line with the competition. How you beat your customers is by generating more traffic and sales, which will come in time when you provide a positive, seamless shopping experience.

Make Google Happy

Responsive websites get the stamp of approval from Google. It’s easier for Google to index one site instead of two, so that’s one reason why the search giant recommends responsive site designs as opposed to mobile-specific ones. Second, Google penalizes sites that aren’t mobile friendly. The search engine wants to return the best results to users, so they weed out those that aren’t top-notch and use mobile friendliness as a ranking factor.

If you’re interested in making your website responsive, contact Go Digital WSI. This is one decision that is worth the investment for just about any business.