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What Types of PPC Do I Have to Choose From?

PPC, or pay per click advertising, is an invaluable marketing tool that will help your business get noticed online. It’s especially useful when you’re looking for quick traffic increases and lead generation because you’re paying for guaranteed visibility. However, PPC only works well when you’re targeting people who are interested in your products and services.

To ensure that you’re using PPC correctly, let’s look at the different types of pay per click and which ones are right for you. 

Search Advertising 

Search ads are commonly seen on Google and Bing. If you search for something, you’ll see these ads at the top and bottom of the organic results. They have a small “Ad” tag so that you know they’re advertisements. For these ads, you need an AdWords account where you can conduct keyword research and create targeted campaigns. 

Display Advertising 

Display ads are shown all across Google partner websites on the internet. Targeting for these ads is very precise. You can select your exact target market or choose people who have visited similar websites before. To get the most out of display ads, targeting is essential. 

Social Advertising

Social media advertising lets you place an ad in your target demographics’ newsfeeds or social hangouts. All you need to run these ads is an account – you do not need to have a certain follower count. Social media ads allow you to share pretty much anything you want. You can send people to landing pages or highlight a certain piece of content.


Remarketing is a type of PPC that targets people who have already shown an interest in your products and services. By seeing one of your ads, these shoppers may be enticed to return to your website and buy your product. These ads are often cost-effective and have a high ROI.

Google Shopping 

If you have an ecommerce website, you might want to consider a Google shopping campaign. These results show up in the carousel above the main Google search results, allowing customers to see your products and prices before clicking onto a competitor’s website. 

Hopefully, reviewing these PPC methods will help you understand the different types of ads you can run. If you have more questions about PPC or simply need help putting together the perfect PPC campaign, contact GO Digital WSI today.