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Social Media Follower Goals: Quality or Quantity

The changing landscape of social media websites and influencer marketing is altering how we approach digital marketing. It’s no longer an option to just have a web presence available and hope for the best. Businesses must take advanced measures to get and hold attention or they’ll be beat out by others who are willing to make the effort first. Even the decision to strive for quality or quantity of followers is changing; either can be the right answer depending on your goals.

When Quantity Makes Sense

Contrary to popular belief, it does make sense to chase quantity over quality sometimes. If you’re hosting a website, blog, or resource with the goal of gaining readership over time, more followers will naturally mean more readership, and likely, more organic shares.

When Quality Matters More

Let’s flip the script: instead of an informational resource, you’re an e-commerce outlet. Does it still make sense to seek quantity over quality? Probably not, and here’s why: sales campaigns rely on conversions (sales) to thrive. Simply adding anyone as a follower won’t necessarily increase conversions, making your efforts obsolete.

What You Should Never Do

Whether you decide that quality or quantity is best, there is one tenet that always holds true. Never buy fake followers simply to fluff your numbers. People are much too wise to this these days. There are entire websites available to help followers figure out whether the majority of your audience is real or fake. It takes just one suspicious organic follower to get you banned from a platform or embroiled in a PR disaster when they discover the truth.

Moreover, know that fake followers aren’t sustainable and usually won’t stick around. Investing thousands of dollars into them is at best burning money on the spot; you’ll see better ROI if you focus on developing good, engaging content from day one.

The Right Answer: Organic Growth

Whether you’re after more readers, more conversions, more sales, or even just plain more followers to boost your influencer marketing campaigns, organic growth is the real key. By creating and providing your followers with real, shareable, interesting, engaging content, you’ll keep them coming back for more time and time again. If you happen to hit the mark particularly well, you just may ride that viral wave for a bit, too.

Need help finding the right balance between quality and quantity? Not sure where to even start with growing your follower base? Reach out to Go Digital WSI for help.