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How to Get People to Sign Up For Your Newsletter

So you have things to say! You have a website, a blog, and social media accounts, but there’s still more you want to share with the people who are interested. This is where a newsletter comes into play. The benefit of a newsletter is that it is an opt-in choice that your website, blog, and social media followers can make to receive more information. The real challenge is figuring out how to get people to sign up for your newsletter. Most people don’t want any more emails and certainly don’t want their email address on some list that could be sold and spread around.

Show Them the Value

Suppose someone visits your blog where you have post after post on the topic they are interested in. What is the benefit of opting to sign up for your newsletter? Consider putting together an ebook with tips or a collection of articles about the topic and make it clear they get a FREE ebook just for signing up for your newsletter.

Ease Their Minds

While your newsletter pitch is to let people know that they could receive a compilation of information on a topic, you also want to make it clear that they do have a choice. Instead of collecting email addresses, take the time to send a confirmation email to be sure they want to subscribe. This is an extra step for you and the potential recipient but it also makes it clear to them that you will be using their email address responsibly. It’s also a good idea to mention how often they will receive a newsletter, so they don’t think you’ll be cluttering up their inbox daily.

Offer Newsletters in Different Places

Have a signup form for the newsletter on your website contact page, in the sidebar of your blog and on your social media pages. The more often people see the option, the more likely they will be to act on the impulse to sign up.

Make Newsletters worth Reading

If your newsletter is nothing more than an email filled with links to posts you’ve already published, you are wasting your time and the recipient’s time. Go a bit more in depth, provide some background, direct readers to other sources of information, and make it worth their time to check out your newsletter.

Having a huge newsletter list is not a benefit unless the people on the list really want to be there, will read the newsletters, and take action based on the newsletters. The idea of a newsletter is to keep people coming back to your business.