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Is Your Website Responsive? It Needs to Be


Psssst. Newflash. A great majority of businesses with an online presence now have a responsive web design. In the past, a website was a website and most were only viewed on desktop computers or laptops. Times have changed, though, and your website can now be viewed on a myriad of other – often much smaller – devices. We’re talking about gaming consoles, tablets, and different types of smartphones.

What Having a Responsive Design Means

In the not-to-distant-past, having a mobile website meant actually having a separate website built so that people on mobile devices could visit the mobile version instead of your regular version. This became messy and complicated because people would either need to know the mobile address or they’d need to figure out how to change the view once they visited your website. This obviously isn’t an optimal solution for those operating in today’s fast-paced world.

A responsive design is a lot more flexible. You only need one website or domain and it automatically adapts to the type of device being used for viewing. Your website designer will have to make sure he’s using a platform that adapts to mobile devices, and there are some different setups for graphics and text that automatically show. The mobile responsive versions of a website tend to be more simplistic, with a focus on sharing the most important purchase or contact information with as little extra clutter as possible.

Why is a Mobile Site Important?

There are two main reasons. First of all, mobile sales have far surpassed desktop sales in the past several years. This means there are more people regularly using smartphones and tablets on a daily basis than there are using computers. That doesn’t mean the world of desktop computing is dead, but it does mean that people are more likely to look for information while they’re on the go than they are to simply do some research at home before going out.

In terms of SEO, or search engine optimization, Google has made it quite clear that it will favor websites that are mobile responsive in future algorithm updates. That’s a huge not to the evolution of the way people are using the web to search for information.

Not really sure if you have a responsive design already or not? Not sure what to do next? Go Digital WSI has a website development team ready and waiting to help you take your business and your online presence to the next level. Just give us a call!