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3 New Ways to Make Your Site More User-Friendly

The exact science of creating a user-friendly and effective website requires the application of an ever-changing formula. As new marketing options arise, people access websites from different devices, and Google’s algorithm change, websites must evolve and change, too. If you’re struggling with poor site optimization, or your visitors are calling your site cumbersome and difficult to use, these tips will give you the power to fix the problem.

Mobile Optimization

If someone visits your site from a smartphone or tablet, mobile optimization makes all the difference. If your visitors can’t see the whole page without scrolling from side-to-side, they’re likely to leave the site very quickly and find a better option.

Make sure your website design loads completely on both PCs and mobile devices. Your website should automatically detect and adjust the user experience to better suit the device being used, and that means constantly updating and verifying your site works well with new-release devices.

So many people use mobile devices from the moment they wake up until they sleep. Mobile optimization really is your best way to reach those visitors, whether you’re pushing signups or selling products..

Social Media Integration

Want organic shares? Make sure that every page, every post and every product on your website contains social media sharing links. Visitors will only share if they can do so in seconds. The easier you make it for them to share, the more likely they are to follow through.

It is very frustrating for a user to visit your page, find what they are looking for, feel inspired to share it, and then struggle to copy the link. Having sharing buttons streamlines this process; they can just click share and choose their platform.

Streamline Advertising

There is very little that turns off a visitor as quickly as a large pop-up that keeps them from seeing your website, especially if it isn’t immediately obvious how to close it. Intrusive advertising takes over a website and pushes visitors out, making them feel like little more than another person to sell to rather than a valued visitor. Furthermore, some visitors may even interpret it as spam.

Include advertising on your page, but make sure your advertising never blocks visitors from seeing information altogether. If you do use pop-ups, make it immediately obvious how to close them and never insert multiple pops. Try to place contextual ads so that the advertising corresponds with the topic of the page.

Creating and designing an effective website can be a real challenge, even for people who have years of experience in the industry. Finding a professional designer who understands user experience and website design is the best way to ensure your success. Your three key features should always be easy to use, easy to read, and well-organized, no matter who creates your site. Need a hand with optimization? Reach out to Go Digital WSI today.