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Want to Increase Mobile Conversions? Here’s How!


If you’re like many companies, your mobile conversions could use a lot of work. But to assume that everyone’s mobile conversions are pretty much terrible won’t get you very far. Though many companies do lack when it comes to these numbers, there are simple ways to improve conversion rates. With more people shopping on mobile devices and tablets, it’s worth your effort to improve the mobile user experience.

Let’s get started with some simple, effective ways to start improving mobile conversion rates.

Have a Mobile-Friendly Website

A mobile-friendly website is a must. How can you expect people to convert when they have to pinch and zoom? In fact, a mobile-friendly website is so important, Google may actually penalize you for not having one. It doesn’t matter if you have a responsive design or a mobile-specific one; just make sure it’s compatible across all devices.

Make it Easy to Enter Information

You want people to convert, so any forms they fill out should be easy as pie. Label the tops of the fields so users know what they’re filling out, and make it easy to input information like phone numbers, emails and credit card information. For instance, mobile users hate when they’re slowed down by a QWERTY keyboard. As this article points out, developers should be using <input type=’tel’> for the form code (input type=”email” for email).

Keep it Simple and Direct

Mobile users typically aren’t leisurely browsing your website just for the heck of it. They usually have a specific reason for visiting. Perhaps they’re looking for an easy way to contact you, or maybe they are comparing you with another nearby business. Give users the information they’re looking for in just a few short seconds. Clean, frictionless navigation, easy call buttons, scannable content and fast loading times are all ingredients for success.

Strive for Engagement

You want users to come back to your website, so give them a reason to. Mobile offers are a great way to keep customers engaged, so consider posting coupon codes for discounts, free shipping and other offers. You can also increase engagement by running contests, creating online games or uploading videos and image slides.

Mobile customers may not be the easiest bunch to convert, but don’t stop trying. A mobile-friendly website combined with the tips above is a great starting point to enhance the mobile user experience and improve conversion rates.