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New Year Marketing Strategies

Once the holidays are over, you may find yourself in a marketing slump. After all, everyone has spent all their money on Christmas presents and tax refunds aren’t back yet. This means that you need a strategy to keep sales up in the new year. Many businesses aren’t prepared for a post-holiday slump and may panic when sales drop. You don’t have to be one of those businesses; there are strategies to help keep your numbers up even in a month that is considered to be one of the worst for sales.

After Holiday Sales

One great thing about marketing after the New Year is that a lot of people received gift cards for the holidays and they may be looking for certain things to purchase for themselves. If you offer an after-the-holiday sale with good discounts, your sales may have a little peak in the first part of January.

Diet and Health Services

If by any chance your product can be related to any of the popular New Year’s resolutions such as weight loss, eating healthier, or getting in shape, then you are looking at great sales in January. Everything from cookbooks to exercise equipment are popular items during the month of January.

Pre-Valentine’s Day

Just as Christmas items appear in the stores around Halloween, Valentine’s Day items are promoted right after New Year’s Day. Offering great deals on Valentine’s gifts is a sure way to keep your sales up and going throughout January. Chocolates, jewelry, books, and even recipes for romantic dinners are popular Valentine’s sales items.

Think Outside the Box

While everyone else is struggling to come up with a sale or promotion that will get traffic during the month after the New Year, you could take some time to revamp your site, create some amazing new blog posts and increase your social media marketing by doing giveaways and contests on your social media pages. Keep in mind that being in touch with the public is a marketing strategy that will pay off all year long, so if you spend January getting more followers and interacting with potential customers, you are not wasting time; you are building future sales.

Most businesses, except gyms, experience a lull in business after the New Year. Don’t let the issue of fewer sales de-motivate you. Look for every marketing opportunity you can find for January, and look ahead to February to create a new strategy for the romantic holiday that’s coming up.