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5 Ways to Magnify Your Content Marketing Strategy


One of the best ways to make your content marketing strategy stronger is to better understand your target audience. Why does this matter so much? In a nutshell – because content can only engage an audience if it makes a difference in their life. Whether your content is meant to educate, inspire or entertain, it can only leave an impression on your audience if it relates to them.

Let’s discover five ways that you can magnify your content marketing strategy and deliver content that will matter to your audience.

  1. Keep Your Content Varied

If you churn out one bland blog post after another, your audience is going to get bored. Thankfully, there are many forms of content available so it’s easy to change up your content to make it more engaging. Ideas include infographics, short videos, podcasts and even funny comic strips. Experiment with written content by adding in polls, making content downloadable and creating quizzes.

  1. Build Up Your Community

Your community is a work in progress, so never stop trying to make it stronger. One of the best ways to attract more followers is by promoting your content or curating articles from other relevant sources. Some tools to use for this purpose include Sniply, FrontPageit and Zemanta. Your audience will appreciate the organization these tools provide.

  1. Be Consistent on Social Media

It’s true that many businesses are on social media, but it’s also true that many are using it incorrectly. Brush up on your social media marketing strategy. Some of the key things you should pay attention to are delivering consistent information that aligns with your brand, engaging followers and taking it easy on promotional talk.

  1. Be Sensible with Links

Links are good for SEO and add value to your posts. But if they’re not used appropriately, it’s possible that Google may see your content as spammy. To get the most value from your posts, always link to content that is relevant as well as articles that are from active websites or individuals.

  1. Amplify Your Reach

To connect with more people and build your brand, you need to have a wide reach. If you’ve noticed that your engagement has come to a crawl, it’s probably because you need to extend your reach further. Use content discovery platforms like Taboola or Outbrain to reach more people and explore new markets.

The above tips will help you connect with your audience, but there’s no guarantee for what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes you need to put yourself out there and see what resonates with your audience. When you combine this with some tried-and-true tactics, you’ll build a winning content marketing strategy that meets your business objectives.

Source: SocialMediaToday