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What are the Cheapest Marketing Tactics?

Most small and midsize businesses don’t have the marketing budgets that large corporations do. That means you have to be more creative with the money you have. So, how can you make sure that you’re spending your advertising budget wisely while reaching the right people? 

Below are low-cost marketing tactics that you can start with. You’ll have to check your analytics and run performance metrics to see which strategies are best for your business, but overall, you can expect these practices to be affordable. 

Social media contests 

Build brand awareness and generate leads in your target market using social media contests. For example, Eggo once asked followers to submit their favorite recipe for waffles. The winner with the best recipe won $5,000. This is a big prize, of course, but you are not limited to prize money only. Your winners could also take home a free item, discounted product or free subscription. 

Social media advertising 

You don’t need to pay a fortune to advertise on social media, but you also don’t want to overlook it entirely. Start with a small budget and target your ads to a select group of people. For just a few dollars, you can reach hundreds to thousands of people daily. 

Search engine optimization 

Unliked paid search, SEO is a long-term strategy that gets you website placement for free. You do have to invest some money into creating content and building a user-friendly website, but you need to do these things anyway. Ultimately, a strong website and fresh content bring in more traffic and conversions, so you’ll see ROI relatively quickly. 

Community events 

Participating in local events helps your brand get noticed by the right people. This is also a great opportunity to build your reputation. You can set up a booth at a summer festival, help out at a volunteer event or participate in a sidewalk sale. All of these events are low-cost and allow you to put a face to your brand name. 

Referral programs 

People love referral programs for two reasons. First, they can earn something in exchange for referring someone such as a free item or discounted membership. Second, they are acknowledged for being a loyal customer. Consider starting a referral program that brings in relevant customers while retaining your current customers. 

Freebies and branded swag 

Lastly, freebies and branded swag are sure to catch attention from your fans and followers. There are tons of great products that are inexpensive and can be handed out at trade shows, community events, sales and more. However, we do recommend giving your branded swag some thought, as this is your time to make a statement. You don’t want to hand out anything just because it’s cheap. 

No matter how you look at it, marketing is an investment. But, it’s an investment in your brand. Start with these low-cost marketing tactics to see how they can grow your business on a budget.