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What is a Target Audience


As you do your research into marketing teams and methods, you have probably run across the term “target audience.” You probably have some limited idea of what a target audience is without really understanding that the more developed this concept is, the better it can benefit you and your company, and not just through the end game.

Basic Concept

Your target audience includes the people you are trying to reach with your marketing campaign. The more you can narrow this audience down, the more effective your campaign will be. When you reach a point where your target audience can be described as one person, with various details applied, you have the key element you need to start developing a sound marketing plan. It isn’t just about gender, age, or career, but a combination of those things that can create an image of the person you are trying to reach in your mind’s eye.

Researching Your Target Audience

You can start with just about any demographic and start researching the details of that demographic until you can create a personality that wants what you have. Don’t stop with knowing that women buy your products. Ask where these women live, what kind of climate they experience, hobbies they enjoy, and how your product can and will make a difference in their lives. For example, sticking with the female gender and assuming that you sell beauty products, knowing that the female population you are trying to target is the one that lives closest to the equator. She spends her time outside growing organic fruits and vegetables, but takes great care to always look her best. Why is she your target audience? Because the product that has the highest profit margin in your line is the organic sunscreen. This is a really simple concept, but it can be difficult to incorporate if you don’t understand marketing or marketing research.

Your marketing team should never stop developing the target audience. The more information they have, the better they can plan for campaigns that make your company connect with this audience. Knowing who that person is that your company is trying to connect with means finding out all of the ways you can address their needs and wants from basic daily tasks to long term goals. In fact, the marketing plan and the analytics behind it should be a give and take process of providing information to the audience while gathering information about the audience.