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Instagram Marketing Tips

When your goal in life involves spreading the word about your business, you spend a lot of time finding ways to get the word out. Instagram’s growing popularity in the business world is reflective of the fact that it produces real results. But using the platform isn’t always straightforward; unless you’re a model, it can seem like a tough nut to crack.

As a business owner, it’s up to you to determine how to get that much interaction and interest in your product or service, potentially without the same “Instagram model” look. The good news is that it’s possible to use Instagram for marketing purposes either way; just try these handy tips.

Explore Instagram

Many business use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Instagram is a different platform altogether; rather than text, posts are mainly photos with simple captions or links beside them.

Begin your Instagram adventure by thoroughly checking the site out. Explore it as a user, not as a business, and look at other business accounts before you begin posting. Doing so will give you an insider glimpse in how others balance the personal and business aspect.

Take Good Photos

Whether you’re marketing specific items, your business location, or individual services, the primary goal on Instagram is to have pictures that attract attention. Take a good photo then play with the filters and editing options to create truly eye-catching images.  

For example:

A business sells sunglasses. They take pictures of one style in several different colors and create a collage with a picture of an employee wearing one pair in the middle.

This hypothetical example will be much more eye-catching than, say, a single pair of sunglasses on a piece of white cloth.


While your goal is to have a business account on Instagram, it is important to build a list of followers from all walks of life, not just fellow business owners.

To get followers, a follower you must be!

It doesn’t matter whether you follow the selfie taking girls or mommy bloggers, you’re more likely to gain more followers yourself if you follow others. Some discretion is necessary, and you should figure out your target demographic before you begin following Instagram members so that you will be reaching people who will be interested in your products or services.


Hashtags are a great way to target topics and items that people search for. The more creative you are with your hash tags, the more likely random users will find your images and click the link to your business.

You always want your hashtags to be relevant. Sticking with the sunglasses idea, some hash tags you might use are #FunInTheSun, #EyeProtection, #BeachBeauty, #CoolShades, #FreshSunglasses.

Finally, posting regularly is important. Try to schedule three or four posts each day and interact with the people you are following quickly. Your account name should pop up on people’s accounts here and there each day. Using Instagram for marketing is wise, but it’s a plan that takes dedication and time. Don’t expect overnight successes, but do hold out hope — put in the time in and you will see results. Need a hand? Connect with Go Digital WSI for help.