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Holiday Marketing Contests

No matter what kind of business you have, the holidays present an opportunity for you to boost sales and build relationships with both old and new customers. Holiday marketing contests can be a great way to get attention and keep your company in people’s thoughts throughout the season. Keep the following tips in mind as you plan your own contests for the holidays.

Remember Your Target Audience

Above all, it’s vital that your holiday contests are aimed at your target audience and their preferences. This can be difficult during the holiday season because you might assume that everyone interprets the spirit of the season in the same way. Be sure that the contests themselves and the prizes are in line with your company’s overall brand and philosophy, but more importantly, be certain that your target audience wants or needs what you plan to offer.

For instance, perhaps you want to have a contest to give away a top-selling product. Your customers, on the other hand, might already have that product and would prefer something new.

To make sure that they are interested in a contest you plan to run or the prize you plan to give the winner, you might informally survey them in the weeks leading up to the holiday season.

Don’t Start Contests Too Soon

While you may see Christmas trees and other holiday decorations in some big box stores as soon as September, don’t roll out your holiday contests that early. Instead, save your holiday contests until after Halloween when people are naturally starting to think about holiday gifting and activities.

Make Contests Personal and Interactive

The holidays are usually a time when loved ones and families come together, and successful holiday contests help you bring your own community together during that time by encouraging communication between your customers and interactions that you can all enjoy.

For instance, a good contest idea might be to have customers send in product-related holiday photos and have others vote for the winning photograph. Voting customers will enjoy looking at the photos, and those who enter the contest will be proud to see how many votes they get. If you do this contest on social media, the pictures and your products can be shared over and over again, which can result in more traffic and business for your company.

Holiday contests can pay off if you use the suggestions in this article. Find a good marketing team to help you through this process so that your holiday marketing contests can be as effective as possible.