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Tips for Optimizing Your Marketing Automation Software


Once you make the decision to expedite operations using business automation software, you’ll find that many mundane tasks run more smoothly. But it’s common to face hiccups along the way as you familiarize yourself with this program. After all, no automation software package comes with a guaranteed solution for capturing visitor data and funneling it to sales. It’s up to you to find what works for your audience.

Let’s take a look at a few ways that you can optimize your automation software.

Identify Your Process

Whether you’re new to automation software or you need a fresh perspective, you’ll benefit from this first tip: process comes before technology. Too often, marketers jump at the opportunity to use automation software but fail to have their processes in place. What usually happens is that the program isn’t effective because there are no goals to meet, and marketers are left frustrated.

Define your target customer and identify their pain points. Determine how you will segment customers, how you plan to capture their data and how you intend to use this data to boost sales.

Capture Data

Another problem that marketers face when using marketing automation software is that they don’t capture the right data at the right time. Don’t make this mistake, otherwise you may miss important opportunities. Start by asking the right questions on intake forms, and have your sales team use this data to learn more about your audience. You can then fine tune your strategy as you see fit, but at least you’ll have the data in place.

Define Your Goals

How is marketing automation going to help you if you don’t define your goals?

Many marketers integrate this software because it will make their life easier, but they’re not sure how. Then they end up disappointed. Define your short- and long-term goals and how you want marketing automation to help you reach them. Do you want to help customers along the buying funnel? Boost traffic to your website? Increase sales and ROI?

As you work on meeting these goals, document the process. What works? What doesn’t work? Whether it’s capturing leads, nurturing relationships with customers or boosting sales, you can use marketing automation to fill in the gaps and strengthen your campaigns.


Marketing automation software is a beneficial way to streamline tasks and help you meet your goals while improving leads, customer relations and ROI. But there’s no one strategy to help you succeed. You must practice, experiment with new things and measure your success. Over time, you’ll know what works and how to maximize the system to grow your business.