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3 Ways to Use Marketing Automation in 2019

Automation is present in nearly every marketing channel now – your social media account, your website, your email marketing provider, and even your SEO or PPC campaigns. If you haven’t yet jumped in to make use of these newer tools, you’re missing out on a golden opportunity. 2019 is a fantastic time to dive in and get a bit more involved; why not start with one of these five incredible options?

Dig Deeper into Demographics

Most of the hands-off automated demographic tools on social media and web platforms are…lackluster, to say the least. They’ll give you a very basic picture of who your audience is, but options to drill down further just aren’t available.

Premium analytics reports let you identify so much more than just age, sex, and location. With the right tool, you can see when someone visits, how often they visit, how long they spend on your site, and even which areas of the page they click on, and in what order. With this information available, you can micro-target campaigns to better attract their attention in the right way, at the right time.

Lower Response Times to Improve Conversions

There’s good evidence to show that when customers reach out to you on social media platforms, they expect a rapid answer – and if they don’t get it, they may walk away. A customer who is ready to buy during your off-hours may reach out to your social media pages, rather than calling or emailing, because they expect social responses to happen more quickly. Unfortunately, few businesses can actually afford to staff responders 24-7.

Chatbots, however, let AI take over and do the leg work. They use semantic search and interpretation to assess what the person is asking and send a basic response with the answer to their question. If the bot doesn’t have an answer, it can still let them know their query was received and send the request on to the right department for an answer.

Studies show that the answer doesn’t even need to be 100 percent satisfactory to make an impact. Even though the customer knows they’re talking to a bot, they generally feel heard and acknowledged. They become much more likely to close the deal, and their perception of your company improves, too.

Not on social media? That’s okay – you can now integrate chatbots into your website, too, as well as your apps. Best of all? They’re inexpensive and easy to manage.

Automate Your Email Marketing Efforts

Think about your current email marketing campaign. How much of it do you need to actually handle manually? The bulk of most campaigns are scheduled mail outs and answering customer queries for information or answers. Automation can help you address these issues, too. Less work for you means more time to focus on what matters most, like personalizing content and being creative.

Use automation tools to automatically schedule email blasts, responses, or even prompts to move contacts through the funnel. All you have to do is set the “triggers,” (e.g., someone signing up for your newsletter), tell the tool what to do when it detects a trigger, and it does the rest of the work (like sending out a welcome email) for you.

Want to look into marketing automation more closely before the end of the year? Don’t wait; get set up for success in 2019 right now. Contact Go Digital WSI.