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5 Optimization Tips for Your LinkedIn Company Page


If you have a company page on LinkedIn, you’re already familiar with how things work. Having a company page allows you to connect with your audience, engage leads and showcase products. But you may have noticed that your page fails to get the traffic and engagement you had hoped for. Luckily, there are many easy ways to optimize your LinkedIn business page so that you can boost your social selling efforts.

Let’s get started.

  1. Show Consistency

People should be able to look at your company page and know exactly who it’s coming from. If you have a different logo, imaging, font or tone, you’re going to confuse your audience. Keep your brand consistent, and double check all of the information on your page. You want people to have the same contact information across all channels.

  1. Post Status Updates Regularly

Posting content shows the search engines that you’re alive and contributing content on a regular basis. Be sure to share relevant material on your LinkedIn page, just as you do your other social media profiles and company blog. It’s best to follow a consistent schedule, such as posting around the same time each day. One to two times per day should be your goal.

  1. Add Banner Images

LinkedIn allows you to add banner images to each of your company profile pages. You can create hyperlinked banners with a call to action, and use them to target specific audiences and then measure the ROI. At the very least, banner images make your profile more interesting. Just remember that the images should align with your brand.

  1. Showcase Products

There are two ways to showcase your products on LinkedIn. The first is through Showcase Pages. Showcase Pages allow you to highlight your services and products, and people can follow the page if they’d like. The second way is to share news of your products through Company updates. When you make an update, it will show up on your audiences’ news feeds.

  1. Add Videos

Videos are a great way to optimize your LinkedIn page. In fact, some say that 60% of the Top 100 brands on LinkedIn regularly post videos on the platform. You can easily add YouTube videos from your account, or you can make fresh content to accommodate your written content for LinkedIn.

There are many ways to optimize your LinkedIn company page – this is just the beginning!