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Top 5 LinkedIn Features

So, you’ve set up your LinkedIn account, surely your business will grow like crazy now right? Unfortunately there’s a bit more to it than that. Whether you are a business owner or someone who is looking for a job or professional contacts there are several features on LinkedIn that will help you get the results you want. These top 5 LinkedIn features are the best for making sure you get the full benefit from using this professional social site.

Post Updates

Because you are thinking as a professional it may not occur to you to post updates. After all those are more suited for Facebook right? Actually if you use this feature to share articles you read or points of interest that others in your market would enjoy then you are showing your expertise in the market and offering a point of view that may evoke conversation or encourage someone to contact you.


The tag feature is very valuable for your personal organization. LinkedIn categorizes your contacts based on things like company and location. You can also add tags to your contacts to further separate them into groups such as previous coworkers, potential employers etc.


The idea of networking is great, but when you have people you want to get to know but don’t know how to get into their circle using the “get introduced” feature allows a mutual connection to put you in touch with the person you want to know. Think of get introduced as a cocktail party without the nervousness.

Personalized Messages

When introducing yourself on LinkedIn try to avoid a general blanket message of introduction. Try to mention a mutual friend or an update they’ve posted. Show that you are aware of who they are outside of a profile picture or resume.


We all know that one hand washes the other. Spend some time posting recommendations for other people and you will see your own recommendations increase.

Keep in mind that while setting up an account on LinkedIn may eventually help you in some way, actually using LinkedIn could increase your professional network immediately. You may think that setting up a resume and education and profile is more than enough to show what an awesome person you are and how great your business is. In some ways it is, if someone is specifically looking for you or your business. But to network and reach more people using the many features on the site is the answer. LinkedIn is designed for professionals and you could be one of those well known pros with a little bit of effort.