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Link-Building Tips for Skeptical Audiences

Here’s what most marketers get wrong about link-building: it isn’t just about getting other websites to lend you value by linking to you. You have to be an active participant in that process, giving value back to them, too.

In fact, if the content they’re linking to doesn’t benefit them, you should avoid even seeking the backlink out in the first place. That’s an unequal exchange and is more like asking for a free favor than a mutually beneficial relationship.

“Value=Value” should always be your number one rule when developing a backlinking portfolio. But how you get there? That depends on a number of factors. Two of the very best options include unique research and making your guest posting really shine.

Real, Unique Research is Best

Here’s a statement you won’t hear from most content marketers: you can’t come up with all of your own ideas. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should steal everyone else’s, either. But if you want to create useful, actionable content that isn’t just another drop in the ocean, you’re eventually going to have to get good at finding uniquely interesting ideas to present to your audience.

…And that’s a GREAT link-building opportunity.

There’s two approaches here. First, consider doing your own research if you have the resources to engage in it. Don’t do what everyone else is doing – try to find a unique spin or explore something others haven’t thought of. Make it as bleeding-edge and relevant as you possibly can.

Not up for writing your own unique research? Make your outbound links truly shine by finding citable sources. Draft posts and blogs that highlight unique research from other outside entities and use it to back up your own unique content.

Guest Content is Not an Afterthought

Contrary to popular belief, guest content is not dead. It’s still one of the best ways to get backlinks and eyes on your page, but the “Value = Value” proposition applies here, too. Simply tossing together content without a thought, and slam-submitting it to as many guest posting opportunities as you can at once is bad news. Not only are you not guaranteed to be accepted, but if you are and the content stands out as awful, it could attract negative attention versus good.

Instead, make guest posting an active part of your campaigns. Create content that’s unique, valuable, exciting – the same qualities your own content holds. Give the backlinking site something their audience can really use. It benefits you both.

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