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The Two Top Reasons Your Website’s Landing Page isn’t Converting

You painstakingly crafted your website with the hope that it would give your customers a place to find information, make purchases, and connect with you. After focusing on your landing page for days and exhaustively researching how to make it shine, you really expected top-tier results. But here you are, three months later, with a high bounce rate and nearly no conversions. What gives? In this post, we’ll tell you how to spot landing page issues (and fix them) so you can get your goals back on track.

You’re Overwhelming Your Visitors

15 years ago, the SEO game basically worked like this: write as many words as you could stand, stuff it with a bunch of keywords, hope for the best. The result was that most landing pages were essentially HTML-formed walls of text separated into a few boxes.

Today, that older form of SEO is essentially dead – but that doesn’t mean SEO is dead as a whole. Instead, modern SEO encourages focusing on quality and what people want. And yes, that means landing pages need to be much more concise.

Here’s the thing about text walls. If you overdo it, you’ll overwhelm people the moment your page loads in – and that means they’ll bounce off and go find something less overwhelming. Narrow your landing page content down to what really matters; put anything less important on another internal page.

Ultimately, people want to scan and skim for what matters. Use lots of white space and calls to action to drive the point home – don’t write a high school essay.

Visitor’s Can’t Figure Out How to Take Action

You primed your content and made it nice and concise. How do visitors “take action” to convert – is it obvious? Is it intuitive? If someone totally new to your site can’t figure out how to move further into the site or convert in around three seconds, you’re missing the mark.

Take it back to the drawing board and reconfigure the layout of your page. If you’re trying to push newsletter signups, be sure the signup isn’t buried on a second page. Place it front and center, easily identifiable on the load-in portion of the screen. If you’re trying to drive sales of a product, or get people to take action on a sale, make sure you have an easily-accessible, highly-noticeable button front-and-center instead.

Start living by this rule: if it takes more than two clicks, you’re doing it wrong. People want you to make their lives easier; if you can do that, you’ll succeed.

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