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How to Improve Landing Page Conversions

Making a great first impression is essential, especially for your company website. Visitors don’t have all day to read a web page that doesn’t give them what they need. We’re here to help you if your site is struggling; use these tips to keep visitors around the moment they land on your website.

Make Your Headlines Compelling

Contrary to the popular saying, people do judge a book by its cover. The same principle applies to article titles as well. The majority of people will read headlines, but few of them will follow through with the entire article. Ensure your titles are grabbing people’s attention naturally. Misleading the reader with “bait” titles that don’t reflect the content, however, will drive them away just as quickly as a poorly written headline.

Make Important Information Visible

Roughly 80 percent of the time a visitor spends on your page is spent “above the fold.” They’ll only scroll down if that upper portion of the page draws them in. Ensure only the most critical and pertinent information is available to them without the need to scroll down. Remove the clutter, keep it simple, and focus on making the content they initially see engaging.

Social Proof is Gold

Today’s shoppers spend more time reviewing their purchase decisions than shopping around. Studies reveal that 70 percent of consumers read customer reviews before they purchase a product. They’re not just looking for more information about their interests. Consumers weigh the word of their peers far more heavily than sponsored advertisements and endorsements. Show off your good reviews to encourage new visitors to engage with your services.

Use Media

Pictures and videos can convey much more information than text alone. You’re already limited on time and space to keep visitors on your website. Pack in as much information as you can with images of your product in action or video demonstrations. Plus, you can get much more creative with multimedia than merely writing everything out.

What are Others Doing?

Keep an eye on what your competitors are up to. You don’t need to copy everything they do, though. Figure out which landing page strategies bring them success and find a way to incorporate them into yours.

Do everything in you can to immediately captivate your audience with your front page. Is your landing page not providing you with the results you want? Partner with BGoDigitalWSI and improve the conversion rate now.