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Using Influencer Marketing to Succeed on Instagram

Instagram gets a significant amount of coverage in the social media scene these days. That may be because it now rivals Facebook as the biggest and most populated platform in the world. Nearly 800 million people now use Instagram regularly, with a full 500 million of those members using the site daily.

Marketers who jump in and command a “slice of the pie” on Instagram do stand to gain conversions, followers, and the potential for virality in content. Unfortunately, influencing is a complex topic, and getting your foot in the door isn’t as simple as just jumping on the site and posting whatever you want. These actionable strategies to help you use influencer marketing the right way the first time around.


Reciprocity, at least in terms of social media marketing, is about give and take. Offer your audience a discount, a free product, or access to free content. This plays up the idea that being a follower entitles them to exclusive special benefits. Additionally, just about everyone likes “free.”


Instagram users love to live vicariously through the stories of others. Use that to your advantage by snapping photos and telling a story in the captions. Be descriptive, interesting, and work your brand in. Don’t over-focus on the sale or the brand, and be subtle. No one likes a “story” that’s clearly just a sales attempt.


When you ‘sponsor’ an influencer’s post, you pay them money or buy the items they need to create good, solid content – content that influences their audience. In exchange, the influencer grants you a brand mention, a review, an unboxing, or maybe sharing your discount code with a bit of information about you. You scratch their back, they’ll send you their followers to increase conversions.


Unboxing videos are an amazing way to get word out about new and exciting products. Find an influencer who fits your niche and brand; give them a free product and pay them a small stipend. Ask them to create a custom content piece unboxing and demonstrating how the product is used – with real reviews, good or bad. Just make sure your product is really as good as you think it is before you send it.

Instagram remains one of the best platforms around for targeting people ages 16 to 35. Step into this youthful environment carefully; there is much to be gained and much to be lost if you don’t get it right. Go Digital WSI can help you master your content marketing plan and stay relevant, even on this busy platform.