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6 Fast Facts on Influencer Marketing

Most people have a role model that they look up to and attempt to emulate. They lead by example and provide direction to guide others. Modern businesses understand that they’re also useful for promoting a product or a service in a genuine fashion. Influencers are the latest trend for marketing and there’s plenty of data to prove their effectiveness.

The Recommended Approach to Ads is Changing

Ad-blocking is common practice with between 10 and 38 percent of users running anti-ad programs or browser extensions. This percentage is higher among the younger crowd. In fact, nearly half of all internet users don’t click on ads. Only 35 percent of those that do click them less than five per month. It’s fair to say that many of those are accidental clicks. These changes are forcing advertisers to take new approaches to marketing, and influencer marketers are playing a big role in that adjustment.

Influencers “Influence” Around 40 Percent of Purchases

Twitter influencers can significantly sway a user to believe in a product. About 40 percent of users admit that they make purchases based on an influencer’s tweet or post, even if they don’t know the influencer that well personally. That makes influencers a powerful tool in today’s digital landscape.

Influencers Should Belong to Targeted Peer Groups

People between the ages of 13 and 24 are more likely to relate to an influencer if he or she belongs to the same peer group. For example, a teenager is more likely to respond to influencer marketing attempts by another teen or young adult, rather than an older adult. Young adults are also much more interested and in tune with social media stars than music or movie celebrities.

Content Creators (Including Influencers) are Relatable

Young adults and teens rely on computers for socialization – this is just a fact of the world we live in. They grow up watching Youtube videos they choose, rather than Saturday morning cartoons. Advertisers can benefit from this by supporting and sponsoring well-known YouTube personalities with large followings, especially if the content relates to their product.

Online Reviews Really Matter

The vast majority of consumers make decisions based on online reviews. In fact, 88 percent of them trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. For this reason, it’s important that influences are authentic in their messaging and intent. Internet users can spot a phony corporate advertisement a mile away, and when they do, the potential fallout can be severe.

650 Percent ROI

Influencer marketing is highly effective for almost every company who uses it. Only 18 percent of companies don’t see any positive returns. Conversely, the top 13 percent see upwards of 2000 percent ROI — a number not seen anywhere else! The average ROI sits at somewhere around 650 percent.

These facts about influencer marketing are only the tip of the iceberg. Influencers are highly visible to younger generation consumers, and as we can see, are very cost-effective, too. Go Digital WSI knows how to bring in the results by marketing your brand with authenticity. We can help you find and get the most out of your influencer marketing campaign.