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4 Ways to Use Social Media and Influencers to Grow Your Business

If you own a small business, chances are you’ll want to make your presence known online sooner or later. Whether that includes an online store or merely giving followers an inside look at your business (with a few good deals sprinkled along the way), understanding how to work with influencers and social media effectively is vital to your success. It’s about so much more than just tagging people and letting the platform do the rest. These four savvy strategies will get you out there and noticed faster than you can say, “selfie.”

Let Followers Know You Are Human

Many businesses make the mistake of believing that they’re essentially an untouchable entity online; nothing could be further from the truth. One bad PR event can sink your business faster than even bad spending, especially where social media is concerned.

Protocols for handling those issues in advance will prevent surprise disasters, but be careful not to become too “inhuman” in the process. You always want your followers to feel as if they’re connecting with a real human being at the end of the day.

Use social media to show your followers that you’re a normal human by interacting with them regularly and often. Stay professional, but don’t be afraid to use humor and even laugh at yourself now and again

Don’t be afraid to interact with other influencers from your business page. Is a local celebrity doing something you love? Post on their page and tell them! Indirectly using influencers in this fashion can garner you attention you wouldn’t otherwise have had. It’s “friends in high places,” if you will.

Use Influencers of All Sizes

It doesn’t matter the business size–you should be using influencers. These people can use their own large followings to boost yours, sometimes with remarkable success. Scale your use to what you can afford and work with it as best you can.

Think of people like Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, and Instagram’s top models; all make their living just by being influential online. They’re trendsetters; always dictating the next best and greatest thing. Use that to your advantage by cross-posting to their profiles now and again, or tag them in your posts.

Whether you have the money to pay a big name celebrity or you use someone that just happens to be a well-known local celebrity, their involvement will boost sales and send traffic to your website.

Engage With Other Businesses’ Influencers

Being part of a community can add even more value to your social media presence and business. If you’re not only plugging your business, but sharing posts from other businesses and followers, it makes you more relatable. It also makes you seem more reliable and can build your influence, credibility, and digital relationships.

But interacting with other businesses directly is just the beginning. What about their influencers? If you know someone who’s representing a business successfully, interact with them, too. They just might end up agreeing to plug your business and posts as well, giving you an audience you might not have had before.

Use Hashtags for Other Influencers

Hashtags are it when it comes to Twitter, while @tags are Instagram’s equivalent. Source them for influencers who make sense for your brand and you can piggyback on their success when you add them to your posts.

Influencer-used hashtags are especially useful for marketing because followers tend to use them to find deals and trends. Using these hashtags can bring you an even bigger following of people, since if that hashtag is searched (or better yet, trending) you are more easily found.

Whether your business is years old, or just starting out, there’s no longer an option to ignore social media needs. Make influencers work for you in any way you can, or consider becoming one yourself. If you’re an authority on your niche, you just might find yourself with your very own following, too. Need help to manage your next campaign? Contact Go Digital WSI.