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3 Great Tips for Improving Local SEO

Running a local mom and pop shop? Hoping to cultivate more local sales in your town or city? Local SEO can help you get there by getting you ranked in search results specific to your local area, but it can be incredibly complicated, especially if you’re living in a high-competition zone. Use these tips to take your campaign to the next level, improving loyalty and conversions along the way.

Get Listed on Google My Business (GMB)

If you aren’t yet using Google My Business, now is the time to get on board. Listing is entirely free, and if done correctly, your GMB profile can be one of the most persuasive and easily identified conversion links in your profile. Head over here to get started.

In fact, GMB is so important that if you don’t have a listing, Google may try to auto-populate it by guessing your information. Or, your website may not show up on the main local search page at all. Neglecting to use GMB also removes Google Reviews access and easy directions to your location from Search.

Want to take your GMB profile to the next level? Update your profile with posts under 300 words regularly – at least once or twice per week. Include semantic keywords with local influences for extra oomph.

Target “Term + Near Me”

Google Search has a strong local search algorithm that kicks in every time someone types “keyword + near me.” It ranks results based on SEO as well as how far away a business is from the person searching. Try it now using “restaurants near me” to see a live example.

Your goal is to  get ranked by Google for being “near” local searchers in your vicinity, but you can’t exactly just keyword for it – that’s outdated. Instead, you should use your contact page or main website navigation to target neighborhoods, zones, cities, areas, and towns you serve. Including a Google map with directions on your contact page is also an effective strategy.

Diversify with Bing and Yahoo

As businesses, we have a tendency to assume focusing on Google is all we need to be successful, especially in local SEO. The problem with this mindset is that it isn’t true. Bing is quickly gaining popularity, even now, and Yahoo isn’t far behind, though both still have a way to go to beat out Google completely.

Once you have your local SEO issues sorted for Google, diversify and target the same changes for both other search engines. Focus on Bing Places and Yahoo Local Listings for the most impact on your local market.

Need help identifying opportunities to improve local SEO? We’re always happy to help. Call Go Digital WSI today for more information.