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3 Steps to Improving Content Engagement

Pumping out content, but aren’t seeing results from your efforts? Simply churning out text or images isn’t enough to catch attention. Today’s web users are over-saturated, bored, and unwilling to be patient until you catch their attention. If you aren’t engaging out of the gate, they won’t pay attention, and your campaign will suffer for it. In this post, we’ll show you how to improve engagement with simple changes.

Improve Page or Website Speed

First things first: if your website takes 35 seconds to load, you’ve already lost most of your audience. Users will bounce away and look for another site if they’re forced to wait. Your website, and its internal pages, should load fully within no more than three seconds – and that’s an absolute maximum.

If your site is slow, contact your server host to rule out technical issues. Then, work on minifying resources and creating a mobile-specific layout. Embed large images from a CDN, and consider using YouTube or Vevo embeds for video – they won’t slow down your page, but you’ll maintain the same great experience.

Post More Consistently

When was the last time you pushed out content? If you’re only posting once a week, you may not be posting often enough. Even the best content needs to be consistent to develop a following, including social media posts, blogs, articles, and more.

Your goal is to create an audience who anticipates you releasing more content on a semi-regular schedule. To do this, make it clear when and where you post. Tell your social media followers when you release a new article, and stick to the same time, the same day of the week, or even the same hour. They’ll subconsciously start checking for new posts around the same time, giving you more clout.

Become a Title Magician

A title is your number one hook to get attention; that’s where the entire concept of click bait comes from. Unfortunately, some people take the idea of click bait way too far, and their titles become cheesy and ridiculous. Your goal here is to balance the need to be compelling with the need to be professional – and identifying what’s in the article is the best way to do that.

Sit down with each piece of your content. Identify the most important point throughout it, and craft your title around that. The title of this article is a terrific example: it tells you the text contains steps to improve content engagement.

Easy. Simple. Sensible.

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