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4 Holiday Promotion Ideas for Small Businesses

The holidays are here, which means your business has plenty of opportunities to grow revenue, acquire new customers and strengthen your relationship with existing customers. Even though people tend to spend 30 times more on their shopping now than any other time of year, it’s still hard to stand out. Between Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas, everyone is pushing out different promotions.

To help your small business get noticed, here are four holiday promotion ideas that are actionable and easy to apply. 

1. Create holiday themed landing pages and content. 

To boost engagement, you must let customers know of your sales and promotions. Consumers are looking for the best deals like hard-to-find items and trending products. Know what your competitors are offering so you can compete with a lower price, surprise gift or free shipping. Additionally, creating holiday themed landing pages and content helps you pick up SEO benefits when people search for keywords like Holiday, Deals, Offers, etc. 

2. Film holiday videos for social media. 

Social media is a great platform for interacting with your followers during the holidays. Why not delight your audience with a holiday video that features your top-selling products, your festively decorated store or the unboxing of new products. This content will capture your audience’s attention and drive sales and traffic to your physical and online stores. Plus, all you need to film a video is a smartphone. 

3. Give back to customers and the community. 

People feel good about brands that give back to others. There are a few ways you can do this while giving your brand some positive PR. One example is to choose a social charity campaign to contribute to over the holidays. You can collect donations by rounding up your customers’ purchases to the nearest dollar. 

If you have a physical store, consider making an impression on your local community by adopting a family for the holidays. We also recommend giving back to your customers. For example, with a minimum purchase, they can get a $10 coupon to use at a later date. Shoppers will appreciate this and be more likely to return after the holidays. 

4. Host an exclusive Secret Santa Sale. 

Host a Secret Santa Sale for a select group of people, such as those on your email list or those in your Facebook group. People love feeling special, so this is a great way to build brand loyalty. Plus, being exclusive creates curiosity that can boost the success of your campaigns. You can take things a step further by personalizing the sales with a name, customized recommendations and more. 

The holidays are a great time to increase your sales, so be sure to make the most of the season. Focus on the products you know you can compete on, plan your promotional campaigns and find ways to give back to others. This will help you generate more sales for a healthy bottom line.