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Holiday Marketing Tips for any Niche Brand


If you have a website then you know the importance of utilizing marketing opportunities. There are several holidays throughout the year that offer great marketing potential for any niche brand as well as broader brands.  The end of the year holidays are ideal for marketing to various, specifically targeted groups of consumers. These simple holiday marketing tips will help you make the most out of your niche.

Plan Ahead

Holiday marketing generally begins in early October. This gives you the opportunity to plan out sales and promotions for everything from Halloween through Christmas. If you’re going to do big Halloween promotions start sharing and marketing on social media early in the month. The more coverage you have the better performance your site will show during your promotion.  

Think Outside the Box

When you think of holiday marketing there are a few tried and true strategies like Black Friday and Cyber Monday that come to mind instantly. But how often do you see a Kwanzaa sale? Sure you can take advantage of the major marketing opportunities but remember to address the lesser celebrated holidays as well.

Hashtag It

You know those annoying hashtags that are popping up all over social media posts? A carefully worded and niche centered hashtag will help your marketing campaign reach many more people.  If someone is searching for your product or a specific holiday that you are marketing for they will find you by searching hashtags!  Don’t go overboard though; you don’t need a hashtag for every possible word link that you can think of. Two or three targeted hashtags can make a huge difference in the performance of a social media post.

No matter what you niche market is, be it dog food or jewelry there are plenty of holiday marketing opportunities that you can take advantage of. Even gardening is a marketable niche that you can relate to the holidays. When it comes to marketing by the calendar the last 3 months of the year are a marketer’s dream come true. There are more than 10 marketable holidays during this quarter of the year. Being a niche market means that you have more freedom to pick and choose your marketing campaigns and you can take advantage of the lesser known holidays that big retailers miss out on.  There’s a lot more to holiday marketing than Black Friday, and you can take advantage of that to make this your best holiday season yet!