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5 Ways to Determine Trendy Topics for Content

Having great content for your website or blog is critical to both on and off-site SEO. While evergreen content will ensure you keep your rankings, trendy topics will ensure you are regularly bringing new, interested visitors to your pages. All you have to do is figure out what is trending.

Google News

One of the fastest ways to see what’s popular and current is to go to news.google.com and type in your target keyword. Any recent news articles pertaining to your niche will come up. These are great tools for pulling ideas and, if you find a legitimate news source, can also be used when you need to cite sources in your content.

Google Trends

Type trends.google.com into your search bar and you’ll land right in the middle of an inspirational goldmine. You can immediately see what topics are currently trending but you can also use your keywords to see if your areas of interest are stable, increasing, or decreasing in popularity.


SlideShare is relatively popular. Do a quick search on the site and take a look at the slide decks that have been created for your industry or niche. Use that information to create content that builds on the questions or ideas presented.


Quora is a Q&A site where you can ask questions or answer open questions. Simply enter your topic into the search bar and look for common topics on the list. Unanswered questions are excellent opportunities. Quora’s content license also allows you to use information you find on the site in your work as long as you link back to the original content.

Hashtag Searches

Go to your favorite social network and search for the hashtag related to your keywords. You’ll immediately be able to identify whether or not your niche is currently trending. You can grab ideas for your own content development from the items people are sharing. Just don’t wait too long to develop your content or you may find people have moved on.

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