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5 of Ways to Get the Most out of Google My Business

Increasing your company’s outreach is one of your top priorities. Your sales volume can only go up if people know about you and your services. Increasing your relevancy on Google My Business is one of the best ways to get people to know you. Today, we’re talking about the five best ways to get the most out of Google My Business to help you succed.

Encourage and Foster Interactivity

Interactivity is one of the defining features of how consumers use the internet. User created content and feedback plays a significant role in how potential customers receive your company. Your followers want to see the face behind the business sign, so share that with them by opening a dialogue and scheduling special events.

Get On Google Maps

Get your business on the map, literally, by embedding it into Google maps. It’s an easy way to draw in more customers and improve your authenticity. Search for your business name in Google maps, click the drop-down menu next to the search bar, and click “Share or Embed Map.” Now your company will show up on Google maps with every search query, which saves the hassle your potential customers go through to find you.

Check Your Reviews

Consumer reviews have taken off in popularity and influence, especially over the last few years. They’re the first thing most internet users look for when scoping out a business or a product. Many consumers strive to inform themselves as much as possible about each purchase they make. Encourage your customers to leave positive reviews by providing great service, customer service, and interactivity.

Get Listed

Verifying your business through as many means as possible is the key to getting a higher listing on searches. The frequency determines your company’s legitimacy that its name, address, and phone number are listed online. You’ll typically get better search rankings by listing your company’s information on more business directories. The consistency your business has on the internet gives it legitimacy.

Work With Your Ranking Positions

Frequently check your rankings after you’ve gotten your business listed. You can learn how to increase your rank from competitors listed above you. Search for their business through the various directories and add your company there if it isn’t already. Another way to boost your ranking is to improve your business’ citations to make yourself more relevant when users search for the services you provide.

Google is the hottest search engine on the web, so devote plenty of time towards improving your rankings there if you want to succeed. Need some help boosting your search rankings? Contact Go Digital WSI today to get your company the business it deserves.