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GMB Adds a New “Call Now” Button

Google My Business is easily 2018’s biggest social media and online marketing trend. Businesses who effectively master this new option have the potential to attract conversions right from Google Search, especially for local brick and mortar businesses. Ultimately, GMB works best when it is used to channel leads through to your business directly, either by giving them contact information or allowing them to reach out to you directly through an online form. To aid you in that quest, GMB recently added a new “Call Now” button. Here’s what you need to know.

How it Works

The new “Call Now” button is displayed on each Google My Business post you create, right at the bottom where readers can easily identify it. When clicked from a mobile device, the button sends the user directly to their phone app with the number already dialed in. All they have to do is hit send!

Although we were unable to confirm, it does appear that the Call Now button may work through certain PCs and Apple computers, too. Instead of using a softphone app, it sends the user to Google Hangouts to place the call.

A Special Addition

Here’s what we found really interesting about the new “Call Now” button: it also seems to trigger requests for a review. After the user clicks the button, and completes their call, GMB directly requests that they leave a review for you on your GMB profile. This is an interesting approach given that most people wouldn’t yet be customers based on a single telephone call.

Why Use “Call Now” Over Other CTAs?

Ultimately, the new button is much more specific and drives direct content; this gives you a greater opportunity to hook the customer when they’re still warm. It also reduces bounce rates by showing the customer that they have options for assistance right now, not tomorrow, or even later when they get to a phone. It’s a little nudge in the right direction, which can be very helpful for local SEO.

Important Information

If you decide to use the “Call Now,” button, there is one fact you absolutely must understand. GMB does not give you the option to enter a telephone number; instead, it defaults to the primary telephone number for your business. Be sure you have the correct number in place before you use the button lest you risk losing people to the wrong number or missed calls.

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