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How to Get More Web Traffic in 2018

Ah, 2018…a bright, fresh new year for marketers, full of potential. Well, that’s how it was until Google slapped down a roadmap for updates that will make accessing traffic without using black hat strategies more challenging than ever. Fortunately, we’re up for the challenge – and it isn’t even that difficult to overcome. Here’s a few ways to get more web traffic in the coming year that won’t harm your standing.

Refresh Old Content

Old, evergreen content should effectively last forever – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t maintain it over time. Take some time to go over your old content, cleaning up any issues you find, like bad grammar, poor use of industry terms, or problems with authority. Then, use the next tip to jazz it up even more and make it more likely that search engines will re-index it.

Add LSI Keywords

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords are terms or phrases related to your main search term or phrase. For example, if you’re targeting “dogs,” “pet supplies for dogs” would be one example of an LSI keywords. Some LSIs are short, at just one or two words, while others can be as many as five to eight words if they’re in question form (“where can I find art supplies in Los Angeles?”.

If your content is older, you may not have many LSI keywords within it. Add these in and make it a policy to use them naturally throughout future content, too.

Use Influencers

Have you hired an influencer yet? If you aren’t sure what that is, let us explain. An influencer is a person with a decent following online, usually on Instagram. Facebook, or Twitter, who represents your brand or product for some kind of compensation (usually monetary or free products).

Influencers are trendsetters, and that means when they use your products or services, they have a high chance of becoming a trend, too. Choose influencers that best match your company’s goals and mission while also ensuring they can properly represent you without causing PR issues.

Make Friends

When was the last time your business branched out on social media to make friends with other businesses? Doing so can help you to get your name out there in the right circles, and it also shows you aren’t afraid to interact positively with what may very well be your competition, too. This post from Taco Bell and Old Spice and this post from Bounty and Kellog’s are great examples.

Need help getting traffic the right way? Reach out to Go Digital WSI. We’re always happy to help you find your way.