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Marketing to Generation Z

Has you brand been focused on the millennials? Well, get ready, because now there is another generation to learn – Generation Z. 

The term “Generation Z” refers to people who were born between 1995 and 2012. They are between the ages of 7 and 24. Some are already in college and capable of making purchase decisions. If you want to be able to sell to this generation one day, you must understand what they are all about. 

Generation Z is very different than the ones before them. They have grown up with the internet, making their expectations higher and their approach to buying products and services unique. Below we share the most important things you need to know when marketing to Gen Z


Don’t try to outsmart a Gen Z – they don’t like when brands are overly promotional. They prefer buying from brands that are committed to quality and integrity. To show a genuine side of your business, publish a wide range of content on your blog, give behind-the-scenes looks of your business and get involved in the community. All of this shows Gen Zs that your brand is human and real. 

Influencer Marketing 

With this form of testimonial marketing, real people share their thoughts on your products and services. These “influencers” have large and engaged followings that trust what they have to say. Influencer marketing works because you can reach your target audience quickly, and Gen Zs are more likely to believe influencers over brands themselves. 

Personalized Content 

Gen Zs expect their interactions with brands to be personalized. Of course, you don’t want to go overboard because this could make you look stalkerish. But, a bit of personalization goes a long way in showing the customer that you understand their wants and needs. To be successful in this department, be mindful of individual preferences, utilize AI and create self-optimizing campaigns. 


Transparency goes along with authenticity, but we felt it deserved a section of its own. Gen Zs do not want to be misled. They tend to be accepting of brands when things go wrong, providing they own up to their mistakes. Ignoring or downplaying customer needs will destroy the trust you have built with this audience – and it’s difficult to get it back. 


Generation Z loves a good story. They’ve grown up in a digital era where they are used to seeing native ads, online content and social media posts. It’s easy for traditional advertising to be blocked out as “noise.” Storytelling is a great way to capture this generation’s attention and show that your brand is real. 


Gen Zs are pretty awesome, but they are the first generation to grow up with the technology we know today. Half of this generation was alive when Facebook came out! They are very good at filtering out the things that don’t appeal to them, which means you have to work hard to target the right people in the right contexts. 

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