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3 Reasons Every Business Needs Their Own Mobile Game

Gamification is big. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of confusion about exactly what gamification means. At its heart, it’s really just applying game-like logic to non-game processes to achieve some kind of benefit (motivation, fun, or maybe even loyalty).

But what about when businesses take that even further? That’s exactly what thousands of organizations are now doing – creating their own mobile games to lend support to their products and services, all while bringing in a bit of cash. You don’t have to be an entertainment niche company to benefit, either; here are 3 great reasons to make your own game.

Cater to Female Audiences

Traditionally, most statistics showed that men, rather than women, were the “gamers” in the western world. This is no longer the case; in fact, gaming is notoriously women-driven these days. Up to 65 percent of all American women play games regularly, with a significant chunk dedicating several hours a week to the hobby. More importantly, they aren’t just playing big-name games, either; they’re really into mobile games, which can be a fantastic way to drum up brand awareness and engagement.

What does this mean for you? If you’re in women’s fashion, women’s health, or some other female-gender-specific niche, making a mobile game might give your audience another reason to pay attention.

Add Another Direct Advertising Channel

Whether male or female, your audience needs to be reached in the right way at the right time in order to seal the deal. Adding a mobile game, even if it’s just a simple idle clicker or a silly matching game, gives you another compelling marketing channel to work with. It’s another opportunity to get your products or services seen, and that’s always beneficial. Work your systems the right way and you can even seamlessly integrate with other channels, like social media.

Drive Competitive “FOMO”

Competition is a good thing, especially in gaming. When you pit consumer against consumer, they work to prove they’re the most involved, most loyal, or most active fan of your products and services. Your business and their relationship with it becomes like a status symbol, especially if you give rewards for participation and/or good performance (this is the entire basis of rewards point cards).

When you create a mobile game with “player-vs-player” elements, something incredible tends to happen. Players become fiercely motivated to actively compete against each other for the top spot; this takes their attention away from the fact that the game is really a marketing attempt. They’re so busy battling each other for whatever “exclusive rewards” top performers get, they become more receptive to in-game advertising. This effect doubles if you offer time-limited prizes or somehow make them feel somehow “special” for winning.

We see this kind of competitive FOMO most often in games with leaderboards, scoreboards, or some kind of ranking system. But ultimately, what it really comes down to is this: consumers who are playing a game are receiving more value from you  throughout the sales funnel, start to finish. You become a source of entertainment, not just another company looking to profit off of them.

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