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Featured Snippets: What They Are and How to Get Them

A featured snippet is a short summary of an answer to a user’s query. It is displayed at the top of the search results and includes the page’s title and URL. Getting featured snippets requires strategic work, but it can be done. Let’s learn more about why snippets are important and how to increase your chances of getting them. 

Featured Snippet Formats 

Featured snippets are shown before the organic listings, giving your brand maximum exposure. They are extracted from a webpage on your site, which is why it’s important to have clear, concise content that Google can pull from. The main types of snippets are: 

  • Paragraph snippets 
  • Table snippets 
  • Numbered list snippets 
  • Bulleted list snippets 
  • YouTube snippets 
  • Two-for-one snippets 

Why are Featured Snippets Important? 

Featured snippets are important for several reasons. By knowing what they can do for your brand, you can use them effectively. Here are some of the reasons why featured snippets are worth focusing on

  • Maximum authority. Featured snippets appear before the organic listings. This shows users that your answer is the most useful, and it comes from a site that is trustworthy and authoritative.
  • Surpassing the competition. When your answer is chosen first, it prevents users from going to your competitors. Even if your competitor is in the #1 spot, your snippet will still be shown first. 
  • Increased traffic. Users like featured snippets because they provide information in a quick and efficient manner. If the user is satisfied with what they read, they are more likely to visit your website. 

How to Get a Featured Snippet 

You do have some control over obtaining a featured snippet. Below are a few steps to follow when writing content. 

  • Analyze keywords. It’s important that you target keywords that your audience is likely to use in their searches. Include these words and phrases in your content so that Google knows your information is relevant. 
  • Create targeted content. Consider some of the questions that your audience might have and write content that addresses these issues. Remember, featured snippets are extracted directly from your webpage. 
  • Experiment with Q&A formatting. Find ways to work Q&As into your content. You can do this by devoting pages to a single question and covering it in detail. 
  • Use subheadings, lists, tables, etc. Make it easy for Google to choose your content. Follow basic on-page optimization techniques, such as by keeping paragraphs short, incorporating lists and using subheadings. 

Featured snippets are pretty neat because you don’t have to dominate the search results to get attention. By providing relevant, top quality content that clearly answers questions, you can work your way towards getting a featured snippet of your own.