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Using Buy, Sell,Trade Groups on Facebook

When you want to reach out to local consumers, Facebook is the place to go. But getting your demographic just right can be tricky; localization matters and can impact your success. That’s where local buy, sell, trade groups come in. Because they’re created specifically for local areas, they can give you instant access to a wealth of potential clients or connections completely free.

You may see everyday items for sale when you first join; that’s what these groups thrive on. But as a business, you can also use these groups to locally optimize your online marketing presence. By posting your business information and/or important updates about your products in the group, you can access to an instant, wide audience.

Don’t think of it like a place to list every for-sale item but rather as a place to announce price changes, sales, specials, and best-selling items instead.

Reaching Your Neighbors

Whether you are having a big sale, first opening your business, or you just need more customers, buy, sell trade groups can still empower you to get that information in front of the people in your neighborhood faster.

It’s important to be respectful when you join a local group. Most groups cater only to locals, so you should expect a short wait to be approved by an administrator after they have verified that you are from the area.

Once approved, it is a good idea to message the admin and let them know that you are representing a business and ask what their guidelines are for posting. Each group may have different rules, and breaking those rules won’t do anything but look bad for your business.


Local buy, sell, trade groups serve as a trading hub for locals. Most likely your products will be welcomed with open arms, too. If they are, you should resist the temptation to spam the group with increasing numbers of posts. This is a form of spamming and is effectively just as damaging as spamming someone via email.

Start by introducing yourself, Share a little about your business and your goals. Comment on items you see in the group already, and answer questions you know the answer to already. When you’re kind and helpful, you cultivate an online persona that’s inviting and approachable rather than pushy and money-oriented. When local customers do eventually stop in, they’ll recognize you for the kind, helpful person you are, leading, which is a huge benefit to you.

Being a Good Neighbor

Buy, sell, trade groups are a great way to raise awareness about your products and brand. Strive to be a good group member and adhere to the rules and you’ll reap the benefits of connecting with your community long-term.

Always use good group etiquette: limit your posts to once per day, never piggyback on another poster’s products, and don’t engage in group drama when it occurs.

Facebook is an incredible platform for businesses when use the right way. If you haven’t developed your online presence yet, start with a business page. Then, participate in groups related to your products and reach out to local consumers on Facebook. Need assistance with cultivating the right online presence? Contact GoDigitalWSI.