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Social Media Site Differences

If you plan to launch your business on social media, you may be wondering which sites or platforms will best suit your needs. The three most important social media sites that businesses use are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Each of these social sites offers great features for businesses, but determining which one meets your specific goals for your business can be immensely difficult, especially if you’re in a highly niche market. Rather than just jumping in blindly use this breakdown of what to expect from each of these sites.


Facebook is a huge social media site with a lot of integration. They also have support for business pages, advertising options, and analytics to help you see which posts are performing well.

The main benefit of Facebook is that you have a business page where you can make text posts, image posts or a combination post. People see and have a chance to comment, but also share to their friends and followers — that’s free organic growth. The possible reach of a “viral” post is ridiculously high on Facebook. The challenge, of course, is to make posts that people want to read and share.


Instagram is more of a social site than a business one, but many companies do find success their with careful campaigns. Each shared image can be captioned and may even contain a link and hashtags for maximum visibility. People can comment on the pictures or send private messages on Instagram just as they can on Facebook but it isn’t quite the same. The only downside is that unless there are a large number of images available for your business, then you won’t have many posts. Selfies aren’t exactly business-like unless your goal is to be an Instagram model!


If short and sweet is your style, Twitter may be the way to go. You do have the option of sharing images, links, and hashtags on Twitter as well as having a conversation on each post. But you’re very much limited to just a few words or a couple of sentences.

Getting started on Twitter isn’t always easy. Sometimes it’s hard to get followers who interact and retweet your posts, but over time your Twitter account will grow if you tenaciously make entertaining and informative Tweets.

There is no definitive “best” social media account for businesses. Each one of these platforms has aspects that make them a good choice for different needs. Your decision comes down to the type of business you run and your own personal preference for reaching potential customers. Some people refuse to condense their posts enough to be on Twitter while others feel that every post should have an image rather than a bunch of text. Your style plays a large part in which social media site you choose, but all three can lead to great business success. If you still can’t decide, contact Go Digital WSI for help!