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3 Ways Content Marketing Changed In 2017

The way we do digital marketing is changing on a near-daily basis. That’s because the internet has a knack for finding ways to make marketing methods obsolete no matter how long it remains in use. Content marketing has changed, especially over the course of 2017 – here’s a few of the biggest changes witnessed.

Improved Data Collection

Data collection and analysis vastly improved throughout 2017, reaching a new benchmark that is essentially a continuance improvement over the last half-decade. Companies like Facebook and Google took advantage of 2017 to perfect data gathering methods, but they also used that data to better target ads and the content you see without being intrusive. Businesses taking advantage of these advanced data collection measures had fewer obstacles to overcome when trying to market their products, services, or experiences without risking their rep, but they also enjoyed markedly improved success. Relatable content always produces more conversions, and 2017 was no exception.B

Pictures and Videos Took Over

Text is still essential for SEO tactics, and sometimes it’s the best way to get your message across, but we saw a really unique shift to 360-degree images and video in 2017. More businesses are now actively producing and uploading an average of 18 videos per month.

What’s particularly noteworthy about this media content is the fact it isn’t the uploaded media that get the most traffic; instead, it’s the live video making the difference. Consumers watch live videos three times more often as uploaded videos, making live streams the biggest trend in 2017. Serious digital marketing gurus made that their focus this year, creating at least a handful of live streams to showcase new products and services.

Facebook Fell Out of Favor

Facebook: it’s been around and so integrated into our society that most of us simply take it for granted. Surprisingly, one change we saw in 2017 was Facebook falling out of favor with content marketers – mostly thanks to draconic algorithms drastically reducing reach for promotional posts. Instead of paying for expensive advertising, advertisers moved to other platforms like Instagram and SnapChat.

Those that stayed on Facebook changed their game; instead of including promo links, they encouraged contacts. This shift occurred after someone identified the fact that adding promo links was nearly always interpreted as selling to the site, who then limited reach because of it.

Keeping up with shifts in marketing techniques is challenging, especially when it comes to staying on trend. Are you looking for ways to improve your content marketing this year? Go Digital WSI is in the loop with the most effective marketing techniques to get your company more visibility.