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Tips for Enhancing Your Facebook Posts


Facebook posts never get old. It may be harder to get your posts seen, and you may have to run A/B testing to see which posts your audience responds best to, but in the end, Facebook posts bring plenty of value to your brand. In order to get the best results from your social media posts, it’s important that you use the right posting tactics. Again, you will probably have to test your posts to see which ones your audience likes most, but there are a few good practices to follow.

Let’s dive into a few of the best ways to improve your Facebook posts.

Start with a Plan

So many brands start posting on social media without a clear plan of action. Make sure that you have strategy for all of your social channels before posting. Start by choosing the topics you want to write about and on which days you’ll post them. Coordinate some of your posts with upcoming holidays, special events or content you’ve created. Since you want to keep up with current trends, you don’t have to build out a calendar too much in advance – maybe a week or two only.

Create Easy-to-Scan Text

Remember that people are usually skimming through their News Feed, not reading each post in depth. Create short text that will stand out to skim readers. The first 3-4 words of your post are most important. To help you create a compelling Facebook post, check out this tool from CoSchedule. Simply type in your headline and it will give you alternatives.

Use Hashtags…Maybe

Hashtags on Facebook are hit or miss. Sometimes they work well, sometimes they don’t. If you do choose to use a hashtag, consider using one that aligns with your brand, such as what #teamadidas does with their hashtags.

Customize Post Descriptions

If you choose to upload a link to Facebook, it automatically creates a description. Take a few minutes to craft your own description. In fact, you can optimize it using your own industry keywords.

Play Around with Posting Times

There are recommendations all over the Web for which times and days are best to post on social media. For instance, one HubSpot article suggests that Thursday and Friday are the best days to post on Facebook. Play around with different times and days to see which bring you the most engagement.

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