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Unique Facebook Marketing Ideas

Did you know that approximately 65 percent of Facebook users log onto their accounts on a daily basis? With more than 1 billion active, daily users, Facebook has become one of the most important social networking platforms for companies to embrace. Whether you’re new to Facebook marketing or you want to step up your game, check out these tips maximize your campaign potential.

Use Images of Pets and Babies

Who doesn’t love pictures or videos of pets and babies doing adorable things? Images and videos of babies and animals are things that are frequently shared, so you should use them to your advantage. If babies and animals don’t relate to your business, it’s okay. You can relate the images and/or video to your industry by writing enticing captions for your post. For example, an image of a baby in a suit has the adorable factor you need, and when paired with a fun caption that’s relatable to the adults in your target market, it becomes a excellent free marketing technique for you.

Use Fun Photos of Your Employees

Showing people a more fun side of your employees helps personalize your brand. So if you’re holding an employee event, take photos to post on your company’s Facebook page. You can also create themed photos that relate to things that your employees do on a regular basis. For example, if your employees dress a certain way on Fridays or regularly hold ping-pong competitions on their breaks, take pictures that you can share with your Facebook audience. The more people relate to your company on a personal level, the more likely they are to become loyal customers and share information about your brand with others.

Use Emojis to Tell a Story

Emojis are commonly used in text messages and status updates, but have you considered using them to tell your readers a story? Recently, Wordstream ran split testing with some of their Google ads that indicated ads with emojis inserted received a higher click through rate than those that didn’t use emojis. So it stands to reason that more people will click on your Facebook posts if you use emojis strategically. Instead of inserting simple smiley face emojis into your post, use specific emojis in the place of a few words or end your post with a couple of emojis that relate to your business and/or industry.

Facebook marketing doesn’t have to be difficult. As long as you’re constantly looking for ways to make your posts and ads stand out from the crowd, you should be able to consistently grow your reach.