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4 New Social Media Tricks for 2017


Has your business’s social media campaign become humdrum and routine? Usually, the first sign this is happening is a slump in responses and engagement. Today, we’ll take a look at the latest social media tricks this year’s businesses can use to increase their following and interactions, from using Facebook live to current trends.

Facebook Live

You have a great Facebook business page, but when you look at it, all you see are short text posts, pictures, and links. What’s wrong with this picture? It isn’t enough to keep people hooked. Facebook Live, however, can provide a quick content excitement injection where it matters most.

There are so many ways to use Facebook Live to reach your potential customers. You can showcase products, reveal hot sales, hold contests, or even do product spots for businesses if you’re into Influencer marketing.

To best use Facebook Live, determine the best times to go live. Figuring this out takes a bit of work; try a few short hosting episodes at various times throughout the day and track your results. You’ll also need a professional-quality video camera and suitable topics for live events.

Take Advantage of Your Marketing Team

Do you have employees? You have a built-in marketing team right at your fingertips. Sharing the same messages from personal accounts has more impact than sharing from a business account because followers are more likely to believe a person than a business.

Provided that you have trustworthy employees, you can have staff members quickly and easily share your posts here and there. It shows support and tells other followers that real people believe in your business. Whenever possible, advise them to add a personal comment to the share so that more people will see the post as a real thing instead of just a business marketing ploy.

Multi-Layered Strategies

The Internet is a wonderful resource for finding information. People see and learn about products on sites like Pinterest and Instagram. Then, they look the products up on Facebook or Twitter to find out where and how to make a purchase. If all you are doing is using Facebook, you’re missing out on the multi-layered marketing approach that more successful businesses use. Stagger your approach to social media and posts to cover multiple outlets and you’ll appear not only more established, but also more effective.

Following Trends

The social media world is exploding with everything from important world events to intense NFL game wins. You can use these social media trends to increase your following by working them into your posts. And you don’t have to take sides or make a political statement to share news; stay neutral and avoid anything extremely inflammatory when you post.

Here’s an example. If you own a restaurant, you can make a post about the latest NFL game. Then, mention that your restaurant houses several big screens and invite people in to watch the game and socialize. For more serious issues (such as Hurricane Harvey), avoid hard left or hard right statements. Stick to the middle, show your support for Americans as a whole, and try to appeal to both sides of nearly any debate.

Social media for businesses can often be perplexing and difficult, especially if you don’t have any experience. If you need help with your social media posts, call Go Digital WSI. We can help you evolve your day-to-day social media activities for greater success.