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How to Gain Facebook Followers

Gaining Facebook followers is not hard to do once you tweak your marketing campaign. The only real question is what kind of followers you really want. Here you can learn some simple methods to gain followers that won’t skew your results. You can also learn how using obvious methods might skew results and reduce the effectiveness of your campaign.

Stop Skewing Results

Facebook has features that let you pay to promote your page in order to gain followers. That sounds like an ideal method, but the problem is you aren’t reaching a target audience. There is a slim chance that people who do follow you and aren’t part of your target audience will share your page, but it isn’t really a cost-effective solution. This method skews the numbers terribly because you may equate followers with a percentage of customers. The problem is that without targeting an audience, the percentage of followers who ever become customers is significantly lower than it would be if you had targeted your audience.

Use “Trending Topics”

Facebook resets your newsfeed to “Top Stories” as the default. Most people forget about that until they keep seeing the same things over again through the day. Since trending items are top story items, it’s important for businesses to take advantage of this element. Even if your business is unrelated to anything that might be trending, share your stance. It should be the stance of your target audience. You can also make it humorous and create fun hashtags that will have people sharing your posts with their like-minded friends.

Hold Contests

Contests are a great way to drive traffic. Part of the entry to the contest should involve “liking” your page. You can gain even more followers by requiring that they post something on their own walls and have people come to your site to vote on it. Keep in mind that these people are “friends” with those who get involved in the contests, so they are most likely part of your target audience. That means your followers are bringing followers to you. You gain more followers on your page, but more importantly, you gain traffic to your site.

Perhaps the biggest thing of all is to avoid being selfish. Go for interaction rather than dictation. Ask questions rather than making statements about yourself or your business. People care far less about what you had for dinner than they do about your interest in what they had.